Turntabler 1.0 Script for Maya

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Turntabler is a Maya Python script that allows you to create different types of turntables faster and more efficiently.

Included is a content folder

  • script icons
  • setup tutorial text file
  • the python script file
  • the script text file

This script was made with Maya Creative 2023 with Python 3. This may not work on Maya 2020 or older.

This script should work on Maya 2022, 2023, and 2024.

Script Content:


  • 360 degree Cam
  • One Quarter Cam
  • Three Quarter Cam
  • Camera controls to fine-tune results


  • Base Platform for your 3D assets


  • One Side Sloped Background
  • Bowl Sloped Background


  • Three Spot Light Setup
  • Three Area Light Setup
  • Directional Light Setup

HDRi Skydomes:

  • Surface Shader Dome
  • Arnold Skydome


  • Chrome ball
  • Grey ball
  • Macbeth chart

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Access to the Turntabler v1.0 Content folder, script icons, Maya scripts, and the setup tutorial text file.

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Turntabler 1.0 Script for Maya

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